e shtunë, maj 10, 2008

Hear, Read , Taste.

Listening to Bob Dylan - The Rundown Rehearsal Tapes Disc 2 - Just Like a Woman

Just added to the sidebar 3 links that i hope to update from time to time.

They will include music, short stories/poems/articles , and food that I like.

These are not meant to be particularly linked to Albania, although the food may well be.Not worthy


Anyway, I am starting with:

HEAR - "To Love somebody" ( BeeGees cover) by Ray Lamontagne

READ - The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury.( I did this as my short story for my Higher English MANY years ago. I still love this story!)

TASTE - Patlixhana te skuqur ( as long as there is plenty garlic with that then it is a meal fit for a king!)


Hope you take time to listen, read and taste!

( Click on the pictures to go to the sites)

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