e mërkurë, dhjetor 05, 2007

Tirana (Again)

I do NOT like driving around Tirana all day, and that is what i was doing all today. Fortunately I had my wife with me to keep me company (and tell me to calm down any time I lost my temper at other drivers! - or with the Police that made me wait over 5 minutes to come out of a junction, and one of the Policemen was speaking on the telephone!!)
Then on the way back to Shkoder the car had a defect and would not go more than 70km/h. However, we got back safely, so we are thankful for that!( We always pray for safety before we travel!!)

Anyway, noticed quite a few shops had Christmas decorations up - I have not seen any in Shkoder yet!

Here are a couple of shots with my mobile phone.

The bottom 2 are of a celebration of 95 years of the Armed Forces in Albania.

The other two of Skenderbeg Square getting ready for Christmas and new Year.
If you have ever driven around there you will know it is NOT the time to be driving AND taking photos!
So i apologise about the quality.

4 komente:

Ervivi tha...

how many time do you take to go from shkodra to tirana? ...

Kolin tha...

About 80mins.
I don't drive very fast, usually 100km/h (60mph)
But, it can take about another half hour to get into Tirana centre.

Yesterday took me almost 2 hours to get back to Shkoder as i couldn't overtake anything.

ervivi tha...

only that? ...I need to check a map now...
I dont know why, but I was convinced that it was longer (5-6h)

Kolin tha...

In the early days when the roads were bad it took over 4 hours of being shaken up and down in an old "furgon".

Maybe that is what caused me to "slip a disc" in my lower back! :-(

Anyway, the new road now has changed everything and you could (driving very fast) make it to Tirana from Shkoder in just over an hour. As I said, getting INTO the centre of Tirana is a different story!