e hënë, dhjetor 17, 2007

RTSH Festival 2007 - winner Olta Boka

The winner of this year's festival was Olta Boka, with a song called "Zemren e lame peng".

She is a 16 year old girl that (if I remember correctly) won a children's music festival for young singers on Klan TV in Tirana.

She will now represent Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Serbia.

My prediction of a Mira Konci/Redon Makashi win did not even come close.
Shpetim Saraçi criticised the jury after the result.
There are already rumours that the whole thing was fixed.

Personally, I thought that Juliana Pasha with "Nje qiell te ri" gave the performance of the night, and was well worthy of her 3rd place.
I'm sorry but I couldn't find a link for last night's performance from her. The one above was from the first night, which was good...but yesterday was outstanding.

3 komente:

Darien tha...

Nice chick, also.

Anonim tha...

the girl got what she deserved. everything else is rumor so that the newspapers can fill their blank pages

Kolin tha...

Unfortunately the way TVSH set up the voting it will always be open to accusations of "fixing".

I am sorry for Olta Boka as girl of her age should not be put under the pressure and stress of such accusations.

I hope it does not affect her in a negative way.
Good luck to her in the Eurovision finals..
And I hope Olta copes with the pressures of 'stardom".
You only have to look at Brittany Spears to see someone of a young age unable to cope with the pressure and spotlight of celebrity status.

Surely Olta can beat Dustin the Turkey which is Ireland's Eurovision entry!!