e hënë, dhjetor 24, 2007

Driving in Albania

One of the beauties of Albania is that you can park almost anywhere you want. (About the only exception I can think of is parking against the flow of traffic. You must leave the car facing the same direction as the traffic in that lane)

However, this can also backfire on you, when you are in a rush and wanting quickly to get somewhere ( and at this time of year you cannot get ANYWHERE quickly in the car) and what do you find?
Someone is blocking you.

Usually i have to go to the Bingo Hall across the road and get them to make an announcement, although don't expect an apology from the person that has blocked you in!

3 komente:

Ervivi tha...

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year, to you and your family dear Colin :)

Kolin tha...

That blue car blocked me in again today, and yes, I had to go to the bingo hall to find the driver.
But, strangely, this time he apologised to me - about 3 times...

...he must have been reading my blog! ;-)

Anonim tha...

He probably apologized because he won at the bingo hall :)