e premte, dhjetor 07, 2007

Albania 3rd in the world...for corruption!

Transparency International have published their report on Global Corruption. ( Global Corruption Baromater 2007.)

Albania came out 3rd in the countries surveyed with a 71% rating, trailing Cambodia(72%) and Cameroon(79%).

Some interesting reading, although I learnt nothing new!
It only confirmed what I already knew...you have to pay a bribe for almost anything in Albania.
The highest score of corruption occured in the medical sector...at the hospitals!(Why am I not surprised!)

61% see the situation remaining the same for the future.
22% are positive and see it improving.
17% are more negative and see it getting worse ( I hope not!!)

Only 20% consider the governments efforts fighting against corruption as being effective.
53% as neither effective nor ineffective.
27% as ineffective.

Maybe I should look on the bright side.
It could be worse, we could live in Cameroon!

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Anonim tha...

As a foreigner, have you ever bribed an Albanian official?

Ervivi tha...

I dont think some of you understand...you have no choice..if you want to get something, even you are in your rights, you have to pay...

that's why I've always said that I can get everything I want in albania if I pay...

Zemra tha...
Komenti u hoq nga administratori i blogut.
Kolin tha...


Sorry, but I cannot allow personal "attacks" on the blog.
It could lead to repercussions.