e premte, korrik 18, 2008

Back in Albania

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few weeks. We have just got back to Shkoder from the UK. We were over visiting my parents.
Unfortunately as I mentioned before, the internet access was poor, so I just got impatient waiting for the pages to load...so that put me right off posting.

Hopefully now I can get back to normal again!

The time we had in Scotland was great, although the weather was mixed. They always say that you can get the four seasons in one day in Scotland! But then, we were not in Scotland for the weather!

It's good to be back in Albania, but already I have noticed that the boys are missing my parents back garden , and the nearby play areas where they have been practicing their football skills!

When we were in Scotland I managed to take 2 of the boys to see Aberdeen v Manchester United, so they were happy to see the current European Champions.

Manchester United won 2-0 with goals from Carrick and Rooney. Unfortunately Ronaldo was not there....they had been looking forward to seeing him!

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