e diel, korrik 20, 2008

What vegetable is this?

Okay, so I know they are "bamje" in Albanian. But I often get asked by visitors what the name is in English and I have no idea.
In fact I have never seen them in the supermarkets in the U.K.

Anyone able to help me?


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Anonim tha...

That horrid thing is also known as Okra (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okra), bamje comes from Arabic.

Kolin tha...

Now I know - OKRA.

...and I have just found a web site dedicated to it.


Though for me, it is the only vegetable that I don't really like. It can be like eating cardboard!

Kolin tha...

I can't believe this....

a song for OKRA....by Roy Blount jnr.


"Okra's green,
Goes down with ease.
Forget cuisine
Say "Okra , please."

You can have strip pokra,
Give me a nice girl and a dish of okra. "

That song is actually worse than eating okra!

Godsend tha...

it's also called "lady fingers".

Anonim tha...


I hate bamje....bllak :s