e premte, qershor 27, 2008

Jan & Cora Gordon - Vagabonds in Albania

I previously posted some comments and quotations from Jan and Cora Gordon's travels in Albania in the mid-1920's.

See here for links.

A very interesting website on the Gordon's has been brought to my attention and I have added the link to the posts.

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Boim Lebon tha...

hi..blog hopping here...from indonesia, you have nice blog...:D :D

Anonim tha...

nice blog mate. I am living in Tirana for the last two years. I just started my own blog www.insidealbania.com and was wandering if you can link me and me likewise, if you dont mnid?

My email is insidealbania.wordpress@gmail.com

eni tha...

seems so cool.thanks for sharing

Anonim tha...


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