e martë, prill 22, 2008

Olta Boka - Zemren e lame peng (Albania Eurovision 2008)

Eurovision is coming….May 20th-24th.
For those who have not yet heard it, here is the Albanian entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Serbia.
I find that really funny that this years contest is in Serbia.
I wonder how many votes we will get from Serbia?!
I wonder if they will give Kosovo a late entry to participate?! ;-)

Anyway, all the best to Olta.
She is great singer and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this song….except that I think it is not the kind of song that wins the Eurovision Song Contest.

Still she is considered a better chance the the UK and the German entry, so what do I know.

It must be rather disheartening though, to realize that one of the favourites is a singing turkey!!

And they call it a “song” contest!

Rather than waste 3 hours of your life….why not buy “Blood on the Tacks” (click on Listen to samples)by Bob Dylan and give that a listen!

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Fragmentadora de Papel tha...

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Eralda Lameborshi Tarpley tha...

First of all, what the crap does that video mean? What's up with the glowing rays, and the horrendous pink dress? Anyway, just wandering. I don't think she has a chance to win. She sings well, but you're right, it's not the kind of song that wins.

As far as the turkey singing, is that an actual entry?

Kolin tha...

Yes - an actual entry.

And 3rd favourite to win!!

Eralda LT tha...

What??? That is completely ridiculous...I hope it's some type of joke.

Kolin tha...

The joke is the song contest itself...

If that is the best of Europe's songs then we are in BIG trouble.

I mean, imagine if U2 entered for Ireland....in my opinion they would sweep the board and win no problem.

But they (like all other "good" artists in Europe) have no interest in the Eurovision Song Contest.

My other problem is that often the song with the best presentation or prettiest girl wins....
I mean are we voting for Miss Europe...or best show....or actually for the BEST SONG in Europe...it is the SONG that should get the votes.

For this reason, I think the Albanian entry won't do very well...

Yet the Ireland entry is making a mockery of Eurovision, yet it is funny, it is a good show....and that Turkey is Handsome;-)

They could win it again!

alidea tha...

Hey Colin , like your blog and I am happy you live in Shkodra (once the capital of Illyria)

As for Olta, I like her voice, I like her song and as soons as she does the best it does not matter whether she wins .

what worries me is whether she will be bueed cause she will represent Albania, or worse. Hopefully it will be fine.

Emperor Ropi tha...

Hey I really liked her song, I cheered for her, it is a shame she didn't win.