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This is my first blog on life in Shkoder, Albania.
I am from Scotland, but am now living in Shkoder.

Shkoder is a small town in the north of Albania close to the border with Montenegro.

The town is roughly 50% Roman catholic and 50% muslim.

This is a photo of a statue of Mother Teresa opposite the mosque on the main street.

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Karmapolitick tha...

amazing photo.

Kolin tha...

The day I took this my battery gave up and I only got 2 shots. This was the better of the 2.

Interestingly, this statue should have been at the entrance of Shkoder and not the town centre. But the muslim community complained, and as a result someone decided that it should be here, almost directly opposite the mosque.

I'm not complaining, as to me it sums up the 2 cultures and communities in the one town, that is Shkoder.

Karmapolitick tha...


eni tha...

great informative blog with some nice pictures..i'll keep en eye here from now on.thanks for sharing all the news with us:)

Anonim tha...

I am muslim and I am so so proud and honored that Nene Tereza is from Albania and especially Shkoder.