e enjte, shtator 27, 2007

Coca Cola or Fanta ?

Some things in Albania are known by the producers name. Much like in the U.K. we call all makes of vacuum cleaner "a hoover". The Albanians call a satellite dish "Sharp", or lemonade " Coca-Cola".

Many times each week i shop at "Supermarket Merxhani". The shopkeeper , Merxhani, was well known all over Shkoder.
Most days I would buy a bottle of Coca Cola. The conversation went as follows...
"A bottle of Coca Cola please",
Merxhani would reply, " E zeze apo e verdhe?" ("Black or yellow?" i.e. Coca-Cola or Fanta?)
I would reply, " E zeze " ("Black")
It did not matter that every day I bought Coca-Cola...Merxhani still would ask me the same question.

One day i decided to get him NOT to ask me that question. So I entered the shop and asked for a bottle of Fanta.
Merxhani replied, " E zeze apo e verdhe?" ("Black or yellow?")

We miss Merxhani!

3 komente:

Lily tha...

Great blog, I'm so glad there is now someone blogging from my home town. Looking forward to your posts.

That story is quite funny. But has anything happened to Merxhani?

Hani tha...

ahaha...it has been their habit to ask black or yellow.

Kolin tha...

Thanks for the comment.
Yes sorry to say that Merxhani died just over a year ago.

He hadn't looked well for some time. His sons now run the shop.