e martë, nëntor 04, 2008

Value for Money

Where do you get true value for money?
It's got to be Albania.

Went to Elbasan today. We didn't have a good start, as we never got as far as 5 Heronjte without the second car running out of diesel. So off I set to get some bottles of diesel. I found a garage and filled up 3 x 2litre bottles of diesel.

Neither of the 3 x 2litre coke bottles were full. They would have been at a level just about less than full. Yet the reading on the petrol pump was not under 6 litres, but was almost SEVEN litres.

So, what conclusion can I make?
That the Coke company in Albania actually give you more than 2 litres of coke in their 2 litre coke bottle!

I mean, surely that is the only reasonable conclusion, is it not?
Surely, the petrol pump was right, and not cheating me!
Next, someone will tell me that the diesel was watered down!

3 komente:

Anonim tha...

That's hilarious, Kolin. Did you point it out to the attendant?

Kolin tha...

No, I just laughed!

I mean, as I mentioned, he would have told me that the bottles hold more than 2 litres.

I have heard that some villagers that sell milk in 1.5 plastic litre bottles, boil the bottles to try to make them shrink in size!

valérie tha...

That's horrible.

Listen, the state institution responsible for these questions actually has the technical means to verify the petrol pumps (since recently). Of course, the owner can manipulate it again after the verification... But I think it would be good to send these people there. I think it leaves an impression (they are supposed to impose a fine if the pump is wrong, but God knows if they do that or if it's all corrupt.) Check if the pump has a verification mark (saying DPM 2008).

If you have serious concerns like that, call the Drejtoria Pergjithshme e Metrologjise at 42 233 174 or e-mail them at metrology@dpmk.gov.al
They get paid from your taxes for that job, so don't hesitate!